Founded in 1920, Crescentville United Methodist Church began as Crescentville Evangelical
Church.  A mission opportunity to a new and developing section of the growing city of
Philadelphia, this congregation was formed to be a community church to the new residence of the
Crescentville section of the city.   In 1946, the church took on the new name of Crescentville
Evangelical United Brethren Church as the Evangelical and United Brethren denominations merged
as one.   Practically, this did not change the mission of the congregation - it continued to
faithfully serve the Crescentville community.   Likewise, in 1968, when the Evangelical United
Brethren denomination merged with the Methodist Episcopal denomination, Crescentville United
Methodist Church continued to shine its light and love within the community.  Through all of these
changes, one thing has remained constant: a commitment to be a community congregation.

In recent years, as the residential makeup of the neighborhood has changed, Crescentville UMC
has continued to strive to be a community church.  This has meant the reaching out and welcoming
in of new neighbors.  As the challenge of being “a changing church for changing times” continues,
the congregation is grateful to God for His leading them in the challenge of being a “changed”
Crescentville United Methodist Church
A Changing Church for Changing Times
Mission Statement
We at Crescentville United Methodist Church believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and
we will invite people into a relationship with Christ.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will
continue to grow spiritually in our relationship with Christ.  As a fellowship of caring, concerned
people, we will respond as disciples to reach out and serve the community.
Administrative Council
The Administrative Board and Council of Ministries of Crescentville UMC  combined to form an
Administrative Council.  Members of the Ad Council are members of Crescentville UMC and they are
involved in the mission and ministry of the congregation.  
The Ad Council is the deciding body for the business, finances, and ministries of the Church.  
At any time you may discuss concerns, ideas and questions with any member of Ad Council.  
ALL are invited to attend Ad Council meetings.  
multi generational Church family.

Our church family includes people from several
West African countries, Jamaica, Romania, Hungary, Pakistan,
Trinidad, and St. Vincent Island, as well as some who grew up in the
Crescentville neighborhood and others who are new to the area.

Please know you are welcome to be a part of the change!  
We invite you to join with us as we seek God’s leading to be a
welcoming place in our community.