Copper pipes, other large items stolen from Lawncrest church
John Rawlins reports on Channel 6 Action News at 5 p.m., May 24, 2018
LAWNCREST - Crescentville United Methodist Church prides itself as community church tightly connected to
its changing neighborhood, with members from Liberia, Romania, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Sometime between Monday evening and Wednesday morning thieves broke into the church, located on the 400
block of Sentner Street and removed several large items.

Churchgoer Sue Snyder showed Action News how the theft was discovered.

A brass lamp was missing, its shade left behind.

"So this is where we first noticed," said Snyder. "I thought something was peculiar."

Down in the kitchen, she found Pastor Randy Brubaker who was discovering there was no water pressure.

They went to get a bucket and discovered doors wide open, and yards of copper heating and water pipes gone.

"Pastor turned around and said 'Yep, we have been robbed,'" Snyder said.

The thieves will likely sell the copper for a few dollars a pound.

"I work with people who suffer from addiction and other issues," said churchgoer Edward Paye. "It took me
there that you know someone is trying to finance their bad habits and it's unfortunate."

In addition to the pipes, a small safe was taken, an air conditioner unit, heavy metal door handles and the big
soup pots that sat above the stove.

"Soup has been part of our ministry for many, many years," said churchgoer Richard Snyder. "Randy has a
soup and study each week."

The church has insurance and can replace the things taken.

We asked the pastor what he would say to those responsible, he responded by saying he would rather they
meet the congregation.

"It would be good for them to meet the people that they greatly affected," he said. "In that they would see a
people who simply want to live a life that is good and make a difference in the world we live in."
Our Church building was vandalized on May 21st or 22nd.   
All of the copper pipes and even our soup pots were taken, along with other valuable items.   
We anticipate that most of the repairs/replacements costs will be covered by insurance, but there is a steep deductible that
we will need to pay.  We also need to install a security system to hopefully prevent this from happening again.  
We have received many wonderful messages from caring neighbors and friends of Crescentville, along with stories of how we
have touched their lives, such as “I went to Scouts there”, or “I attended Nursery School “ there.  Many have asked how they
can help.  We have started the “Pipes & Pots” Campaign to raise funds to cover the insurance deductible and to install a
security system.  If you feel inclined to help, please send your donation to our Church office, the address is listed below.    
Please include your return address so that we can acknowledge your gift, and also included any prayer requests that you may
have so that we may pray for you.  
Crescentville UMC
412 E. Sentner St
Philadelphia, PA  19120
Please make your check payable to Crescentville UMC, and indicate that it is for the Pipes & Pots Campaign.  
Thank you for your kindness.