As of March 22nd, we will start a new circle of concern and it will be sent out by
email and mail each week.
 You will also find it on our webpage.

To add a prayer request or share a joy, please email the church at, or call the church and leave a message. (215) 745-
7115.  Messages will be picked up every evening.  You will also be able to send
prayer request or joys through our webpage.

A new format for your requests will include more information.  When leaving a
request for prayer, please include the date, the person’s name and the reason for
concern.  Please also include your own name.  If you do not want to explain the
concern, please just say "unspoken concern".  Please do not go into extreme
detail, keep your request as brief as possible, example "outpatient surgery" or "in
Jeanes Hospital" or "traveling mercies".

When you leave a phone message or send an email with your request
Prayer requests and joys will remain listed for one month.  If you need to change
or remove a request, or if you want the request to continue, please let us know.
May 31, 2020
The family of DENNIS MEHRHOF (Best friend of John Evans) – Dennis passed
away this week, please keep his family in your prayers.  
                                               Requested by Carol Evans (CUMC)

May 24, 2020
ANNA RIDENOUR - Daughter of Lisa Ridenour -  Going into the Army Reserves
Basic training in July. (FMUMC)
DAMON CUNNINGHAM Grieving the loss of His grandmother,Lilly G Hill (FMUMC)
DENNIS MEHRHOF (Best friend of John Evans) - Had surgeries for cancer.
                                                   Requested by Carol Evans (CUMC)
PASTOR MARY ELUM AND FAMILY - Mary's son, Mark, died May 19th.
SUSAN DETWILER (daughter of Pastor Bob and Barbara Everett).  She has
breast cancer and will require a mastectomy, which will be done in a few weeks.
PASTOR RANDY Stem cell harvesting went well, they were able to get enough
cells in one day.  Thank you for your prayers!   
TUDA – 27 year old with breast cancer that has spread to her liver. She had
an emergency C-section last week. The baby is in ICU but holding his own. He
also has another young son at home. (Cookies great niece)  (FMUMC)
RONALD LEWIS – (Cookies' brother) in rehab to strengthen his legs  after a
previous knee replacement. (FMUMC)

May 17, 2020
JULIANNA FERRERO 9 yrs old (granddaughter of Phyllis Mozitis) - in
Children's Hospital with a condition related to corona virus that can effect your
heart and kidneys. It has effected her kidneys.
5/20 update -JULIANNA IS
 Dad who is a firefighter is asymptomatic but tested
positive and so did Mom. She has a 13 year old brother and a 3 year old sister.
COCOA LEE & FAMILY - Prayers for guidance as they face some challenges.  
The Peterson Family - JIM PETERSON SR. died Tuesday May 12th
Jim Sr. is the father of Jim Jr who died April 23th.  Please especially keep
Eileen Peterson, wife and mother, in prayer.
The Family of HELENA FULLER - Helena died Monday May 11th  (CUMC)
CHRISTOPHER -received cancer diagnosis  Requested by Dot Gallagher (CUMC)
KASS GREENLAW - Hospitalized with corona virus, continuing to improve.  
                              Prayers are still needed!      (CUMC)
The family of CHRISTOPHER KRAEMER (nephew of Cass Cassiano) – Christopher
lost his battle with the corona virus.  Please keep his family in prayer. (FMUMC)

May 10, 2020
PASTOR RANDY – He will begin stem cell harvesting procedures next week.
(The transplant has been delayed until at least July.)
JOHN WILSON - leg pain and rash.   Requested by Diana Wilson (CUMC)
MOOSE - prayers for the family          Requested by Carol Evans (CUMC)
SAMMIE DARIGO and family (Deana’s & Sam’s Son) –
                 Has Coronavirus, doing ok  (FMUMC)
MICHAEL (needs encouragement)  (CUMC)

May 3, 2020
LIAM, age 11 months, great grandson of Tom & Mickey Hobson has coronavirus
and is improving. Mickey, Tom & the baby’s father have tested negative, Liam’s
Dee, tested positive.                                                   
Requested by Val Hobson (CUMC)
with cancer) and employees and managers at Shoprite.
Requested By Rose

April 26, 2020
FAMILY OF JAMES PETERSON JR. -Jim passed away this week. (Jim is the
son on James SR and Eileen Peterson, and the brother of our previous organist,
Al Peterson.)    (CUMC)
Rhonda Whited has asked for prayers for her sister Marie’s sister in law
Patricia in Tennessee.
She just has a hystorectomy and they discovered that she
is in stage 3 ovarian cancer. She is in the hospital all alone and starts chemo
next week.  (FMUMC)
Whited family friends Ruth and Jim expecting their 1st child and she is having
difficulties with the pregnancy. The doctors have discovered that the babies
organs are developing outside of the body. (FMUMC)
Lisa Ridenour 100 year old grandmother has recovered from her bout with

May 10, 2020          
first born child of Olive & Peter Hanson.
She was born Tuesday, May 5 at 2:50 PM - 8 lbs. 7 oz.- 21"

WES JOSEPH JEITNER (grandson of Janet Jeitner) –
He was born on Saturday, May 2 at 4:15 PM - 8 lbs. 8 oz. - 20"

ISRAEL KOFA (son of Cynthia & Trokan Kofa)
     Celebrating his 1st Birthday on Saturday, May 9th.
Are you lost for words when
you try to pray about
"In the same way, the Spirit helps
us in our weakness. We do not know
what we ought to pray for, but the
Spirit himself intercedes for us
through wordless groans."
Romans 8:26(NIV)