As of March 22nd, we will start a new circle of concern and it will be sent out by
email and mail each week.
 You will also find it on our webpage.

    To add a prayer request or share a joy, please email the church at, or call the church and leave a message. (215) 745-
7115.  Messages will be picked up every evening.  You will also be able to send
prayer request or joys through our webpage.

    A new format for your requests will include more information.  When leaving a
request for prayer, please include the date, the person’s name and the reason for
concern.  Please also include your own name.  If you do not want to explain the
concern, please just say "unspoken concern".  Please do not go into extreme
detail, keep your request as brief as possible, example "outpatient surgery" or "in
Jeanes Hospital" or "traveling mercies".

When you leave a phone message or send an email with your request
Prayer requests and joys will remain listed for one month.  If you need to change
or remove a request, or if you want the request to continue, please let us know.
CIRCLE OF CONCERN   March 15, 2020
Week 1:
William Schule; Mary & Scott Meyers; Pop Francis; Mary; Joseph Korto; Pray for
my children;  Pat Milner & family; Godfred Yeboah.
Week 2: Priya Excel Johnson; Precious Suah.
Week 3: El family; Liscum & Wilson families, the passing of Emerson; Kathy Defreir; Karen;  
Dot Gallagher.
Week 4: My families in Haiti; Gene Saloky; Sana & Joshua, future family, health & finance;  
Rush Limbaugh; Enid Manly Spain.
Continuing Prayers: Pastor Randy & family; Dorothy Buzzard; June Christopher; Fred Frank;
Rev. Khan; Betty Sauerwald; all our family & friends of CUMC & FMUMC; Lawncrest
                             Prayer Requests
March 22, 2020
Request for:                                                        Requested by:
MATTHEW (grandson) - Broken Arm                     Janet Jeitner (FMUMC)

EMMA HALL - husband, Albert, passed away           Pastor Randy

March 29, 2020
Request for:                                                        
recovering from a very serious reaction to prescrpition medication.
She is now home and feeling better each day.       Requested by:Sue Creevey (CUMC)
RUSH LIMBAUGH - lung cancer                   Requested by:  Kass Greenlaw (CUMC)

JESSICA HENION (granddaughter) - exposed to  someone with COVID19, has tested
negative but is being isolated for two weeks.  
          Requested by: Kass Greenlaw (CUMC)
ALL THOSE WITH THE COVID19                Requested by: Carol Evans (CUMC)

Joys:                                                  Shared by:
School system is doing a good job continuing                          Genevre Kane (FMUMC)
the children's education while they are at home.

Thankful for health care workers                                     Rich Snyder (CUMC)

Thankful for homes to shelter in                                       Sue Creevey (CUMC)

Thankful for people in the community that                            Sophia Lewis (FMUMC)

are helping the elderly.

Dot Gallager is thankful for her daughter Wendy, her son-in-law Robert, and her
granddaughters  Tina & Kim.  She is extremely grateful for the help  that they always give
her, but especially over the last few
weeks.                              Sue Creevey (CUMC)

Praise and thanks to God for Pat Raymond for the time and energy she is investing in keeping

everyone updated at FMUMC and for working so joyfully with me as we learn new
                           Sue Creevey (CUMC)