Welcome to our United Methodist Men's  
Page where you can find
upcoming events and meeting schedule.
Men's Fellowship
* Indicates Committee Leader

Executive Committee
David Clinton - President*
Jim Creevey - Vice President
Trokon Kofa - Recording Secretary
Richard Snyder - Treasurer

Finance Committee
Richard Snyder*
John Combay
Arthur Saye
John Wilson

Program & Planning Committee
Jim Creevey*
John Evans
Trokon Kofa
Collingwoode Macauley
Marian Stefanescu

Membership and Outreach
Abdula Jah*
John Combay
Mohammed Jabati
Trokon Kofa
Edward Paye
Anthony Russell

Project & Workforce Committee
Collingwoode Macauley*
Philip Appenzeller
Jean Taeque Jean
Trokon Kofa
Slewion Kofa-Tuabe
Edward Paye
Jackson Saye
Marian Stefanescu
- young adults to retirees.
Most meetings are held of the first Sunday of the month,
after worship.
Our men's fellowship is dedicated to raising funds,
especially funds needed for heating and cooling our church.  
They also help with the maintenance of our buildings and
other projects.
The UMM Birth Month Celebration
raised $ 1374
to be dedicated to
our apportionments for 2019.
Thank you to all who participated!
The winning month for the most donations
is January!