Welcome to our Women's Fellowship Page
where you can find
upcoming events and meeting schedule.
Our J.O.Y. circle meets monthly, on a
weekday, at noon.  Days vary, so check back
here each month for the date.  You are invited
to bring a sandwich or whatever lunch you
would like, and beverages, desserts and
goodies are served (usually in abundance).
As this is a daytime meeting, most women are
retired or not working during the day.
Our L.O.V.E. circle is just getting started for the year.  
They usually meet on a Sunday, after worship,
or later in the day.  
Beverages and assorted goodies are provided.
This meeting is usually attended by working women that have
various work schedules.  
Check back here each month for the meeting time and date.
J.O.Y. Circle
L.O.V.E. Circle
Island Brunch
June 17th, 2018
12 Noon - 1:30 PM
Tuesday, June 12th
JOY Circle will be touring the Historic Wall House
Elkins Park at 11:15 AM. Those leaving from the
church will meet at 10:30 AM. Lunch will follow at
Bonnet Lane Restaurant. The Lunch special:
  Chicken Salad Sandwich, soup, beverage and
dessert for $10.00 tip incl., you may also order
from menu.  Contact Sue Snyder or Jean Pleis
 to let them know you are coming.