Starting in January  2011 the Administrative Board and Council of Ministries of Crescentville UMC
combined to form an Administrative Council.  Members of the Ad Council are members of
Crescentville UMC and they are involved in the mission and ministry of the congregation.  
The Ad Council is the deciding body for the business, finances, and ministries of the Church.  
At any time you may discuss concerns, ideas and questions with any member of Ad Council.  
ALL are invited to attend Ad Council meetings.  

Current Council and Committee Leaders
Ad Council: Richard Snyder
Finance Committee: Thelma Saunders
General Funds:  Wendy Farrer
Building & Memorial Funds: Val Hobson
Investment Funds:  Thelma Saunders
Lay Leader: Sue Creevey
Membership:  Sue Creevey
Misson:  Eva Baumgartel
Nominations & Elections:  Pastor Randy Brubaker
Staff Parish Relations:  Jean Pleis
Trustees Committee:  Sue Snyder
Women’s Fellowship:  Sue Snyder

Current Council Members
Pastor Randy Brubaker
Eva Baumgartel
Sue Creevey
Wendy Farrer
Annie Freeman
Dot Gallagher
Tillie Haeberle
Val Hobson
Allison Jenkins
Rev. Shalim Khan
Martha Korto
Kathy Lynch
Jean Pleis
Thelma Saunders
Arthur Saye
Richard Snyder
Sue Snyder
Diana Wilson
John Wilson