Luther Seminary provides an Advent Devotional
that follows our weekly lectionary readings.  
They invite all to use the 2020 Advent devotional, “O Lord How Shall I Meet You?”
for personal or congregational use this Advent.

These devotions are available for download from their site, or you will find them here
on our web site.  If you want to download the entire booklet, here are the links.

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You can also receive these dailiy devotions directly from Luther Seminary by signing up
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ends, you’ll continue to receive daily God Pause devotions written by
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The hymn "O Lord How Shall I Meet You" is not in our United Methodist Hymnal.
Below are the lyrics for the Hymn.  It can be sung to the tune for "All Gory, Laud & Honor"
Here is the video of piano music for "All Glory Laud & Honor"  
It can also be sung to the tune WIE SOLL ICH DICH EMPFANGEN
Here is a link to here it sung to that tune.
“O Lord, How Shall I Meet You?”   

1  O Lord, how shall I meet you, how welcome you aright?  Your people long to greet you, my
hope, my heart’s delight! Oh, kindle, Lord most holy, your lamp within my breast to do in
spirit lowly all that may please you best.

2  I lay in fetters, groaning; you came to set me free.  I stood, my shame bemoaning;
you came to honor me.  A glorious crown you give me, a treasure safe on high that will not
fail or leave me as earthly riches fly.

3  Love caused your incarnation;  love brought you down to me. Your thirst for my salvation
procured my liberty Oh, love beyond all telling, that led you to embrace
in love, all love excelling, our lost and fallen race.

4  Rejoice, then, you sad-hearted, who sit in deepest gloom, who mourn your joys departed
and tremble at your doom. All hail the Lord's appearing! O glorious Sun, now come,
send forth your beams so cheering and guide us safely home.